Procurement Journey

The Procurement Journey currently serves as the basis for the University's procurement policies and procedures.

The Procurement Journey aims to provide Scottish public bodies with practical, straighforward procurement guidance that aligns with current legal obligations, and currently serves as the basis for University policies and procedures.

Purchases £50,000 and above must be managed by the Procurement Office in partnership with the budget holder or end user.

For purchases below £50,000, budget holders and purchasers should refer to the University's How to Buy Guidance for policies, procedures and tips. 

-Please be aware of budget holder and Procurement Office roles and responsibilities regarding procurement.

-All University procurements, regardless of value, must be conducted in accordance with the University Procurement Strategy and must comply with EU public procurement principles (equal treatment, non-discrimination, mutual recognition, transparency and proportionality).


What is the Procurement Journey?

The Procurement Journey is an online tool that is updated regularly and that provides guidance and templates for Scottish public procurement. The Procurement Journey has been designed and created by The Scottish Government in consultation with the HEFE sector and other public contracting authorities in Scotland.