Locally based support

Some Colleges and Schools offer local procurement support for procurements under £50,000

​​The following Colleges and Schools offer locally-based procurement support for lower value purchases. Please check with your local procurement contact below before proceeding:

College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Andrew Helmn (support if required) 0131 242 7424

Easter Bush Campus

Colin Miller

Jonathan Nicol 0131 651 9106

Chris Carpenter 0131 651 9256

IGMM, MRC Human Genetics Unit, Western General Hospital

Derek Mills 0131 651 8696

College of Science & Engineering

Sharon Green (support if required) 0131 651 5930


John Kenmure 0131 650 4776

Biological Sciences

David Clark 0131 650 7709

John Knox 0131 650 5514

If local procurement support is not available, please contact the Procurement Office if you have any queries about lower value purchases.

Please Note:

If you estimate that your purchase will be above £50,000, you must contact the Procurement Office before proceeding. See the University of Edinburgh procurement chart for thresholds and typical timescales.