Contracted goods and services

Check if your requirement is available via a current University contract or framework agreement

The Procurement Office maintains numerous contracts with suppliers for regularly purchased goods and services. The majority of contracted suppliers are available on eProcurement systems (EASE login required) to allow quick and efficient ordering.

Follow these steps to utilise contracts:   

  1. Search for your requirement among current suppliers on Buy@Ed search facility or contact the Procurement Office
  1. Follow Buy@Ed instructions or contact the Procurement Office to purchase via one of the following:

(If what you require is not available, please follow procedures to request quotes from non-contracted suppliers. If this will be a repeat purchase, please contact the Procurement Office)

  1. Retain records locally according to local document retention procedures

Why do we purchase from contracted suppliers?

The Procurement Office works with end users across the University of Edinburgh to develop and maintain contracts for common goods and services that are purchased regularly and that:

  • Ensure value for money and leverage purchasing power
  • Evaluate quality and sustainability as well as price
  • Verify supplier standards compliance, licenses, Health & Safety, etc.
  • Meet the University’s standards on sustainability and fair trade
  • Meet legal responsibilities and help fulfil audit requirements
  • Shorten timescales by meeting many duties in advance
  • Account for threshold aggregation rules
  • Deliver the University’s Terms and Conditions of contract, which have been deemed appropriate for University use
  • Reduce the costs of acquisition via eProcurement
  • Enable active contract management, price and quality control, and supplier development

Please contact the Procurement Office with any queries about University contracts.

Please Note:

If you estimate that your purchase will be above £50,000, you must contact the Procurement Office before proceeding. See the University of Edinburgh procurement chart for thresholds and typical timescales.