Policies and procedures

The policies, procedures and guidance that govern how and what we can buy on behalf of the University.

Purchases under £50,000 - How to Buy Guidance

University procedures for goods and services under £50,000, aligned with "Route One" of the Procurement Journey.

Purchases over £50,000

These purchases are regulated and follow "Route 2" or "Route 3" of the Procurement Journey. You must contact University Procurement before proceeding.

Purchase to Pay Process

Information on the updated purchase to pay process

University Procurement Strategy and Annual Procurement Report

Included here is the University Procurement Strategy, approved by the University Court, as well as category strategies and the Annual Procurement Report.

Sustainability Policies

This policy is being implemented for APUC contracted suppliers and is commended as best practice in sustainable procurement.

Procurement Journey

The Procurement Journey currently serves as the basis for the University's procurement policies and procedures.

Procurement for Research and External Funding

If an aspect of your purchase is related to external funding, you may be required to document compliance.