Printing Services

University Departments

Printing orders for the University can be placed using online or offline methods.

Online ordering

Utilising online ordering, such as Printing Services Online (PSO), not only reduces time but can reduce the cost of your print order.

University Departments can access PSO via Electronic Internal Transfers (eITs).

You can create your own personalised stationery, upload files, distil PDF files and reprint from archive.

By also using the archiving service on PSO, you can reduce your print runs by ordering what you require, archiving and calling of for re-prints in smaller quantities.

If you require academic posters which are created on Power Point, please use the Design Required Service in PSO to upload Power point as a native file. They cannot be distilled automatically on File ready Service.

Access to PSO via eITs

Book for PSO training via MyEd (EASE login required)

PSO Manual (PDF)

PSO File Ready training video (Adobe Captivate)

PSO Design Required training video (Adobe captivate)

Offline ordering

We recommend using PSO to ensure you get the full benefit of online ordering.

However, printing orders can also be placed using eITs without linking to PSO.

If the eIT system is used, you will need to send the file or hard copy with a print out of the authorised eIT, as work cannot be uploaded with your order, which can slow up the process.

Access to eITs

email file to Printing Services (limited to 10mb)

email large format files to KB Copying 

If your file is over 10Mb in size you can upload to our server. You may need to contact us to set up an account if you do not have one already.

Access for large file uploads

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