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Professor Richard Kenway

Richard Kenway is Tait Professor of Mathematical Physics and Vice-Principal High Performance Computing.

Areas of responsibility as Vice-Principal High Performance Computing

  • Delivery by the University and by UoE HPCX Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the University, of high performance computing and data services to the UK and international academic communities
  • Oversight of the strategy for exploiting advances in computer simulation and data science to benefit the research of the University and to maximise its impact
  • The University’s participation in The Alan Turing Institute, the UK centre for fundamental and translational research in data science

Works closely with Vice-Principal Data Science, Assistant Principal Computational Science and Assistant Principal Industry Engagement.

University level committee membership

  • Central Management Group
  • Principal's Strategy Group

Contact details

Richard Kenway's assistant is Carol Borthwick.

Professor Richard Kenway

Vice-Principal High Performance Computing

  • School of Physics and Astronomy
  • The University of Edinburgh

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James Clerk Maxwell Building
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