The Principal's Office

Vice-Principals and Senior Management

The Principal is supported by a team of Vice-Principals, Assistant Principals and Senior Managers.

A number of Vice-Principals, such as Heads of the Colleges, along with Heads of the Professional Services Groups are responsible for the management and operation of major parts of the University on a full-time basis.

Others are thematic Vice-Principals or Assistant Principals and have responsibility for strategic leadership in a particular area or areas, serving on a part-time basis. Thematic Vice and Assistant Principals are designated by the University Court on the recommendation of the Principal.

Heads of Colleges and Professional Services Groups

The Heads of Colleges and Professional Services Groups are: Vice-Principal Dorothy Miell; Vice-Principal Dave Robertson; Vice-Principal Moira Whyte; University Secretary Sarah Smith; Mr Hugh Edmiston; Mr Gavin McLachlan.

Thematic Vice-Principals

The Principal is supported by Senior Vice-Principal Charlie Jeffery and by a team of Vice-Principals working to specific portfolios. They are: Chris Cox, Richard Kenway, Andrew Morris, Jane Norman, Jonathan Seckl, James Smith, and Alan Mackay.

Assistant Principals

The Principal is supported by a team of Assistant Principals. They are: Sian Bayne, Christine Bell, Kevin Collins, Natascha Gentz, Liz Grant, Tina Harrison, Melissa Highton, Lesley McAra, Alan Murray, Susan Rhind, Mona Siddiqui, Geoff Simm, Arthur Trew, John Smyth, and Eve Johnstone.