The Principal's Office

Nomination guidance and form

Downloadable nomination form and guidance on what to consider including in your Principal's Medal nomination.

Criteria for the Principal’s Medals

For 2024, the University wishes to honour an individual or a named small team (not entire large departments) who have delivered exceptional service in supporting and serving the University or the wider community, and demonstrated strong alignment to the University’s values.

There will be a maximum of 5 awards made to individuals or teams in any normal year.

  • Nominees can be an individual student or staff member from any staff group (academic, professional services, technical or other, including in those in our subsidiary companies), or a team.  If nominating a team please append a complete list of names to the form.
  • Nominated staff should be working for the University during the year of nomination.
  • Nominated students must either be currently studying at the University or have graduated during the year of nomination.

Please note: The University has a process for recognition of long service by members of staff and the Principal’s Medal should not be seen as a way to recognise such service.

A PDF version of the criteria and guidance is available below:

Who can nominate?

  • Any current member of the University community may nominate for this award.
  • Previous nominations may be re-nominated.
  • Successful nominees cannot be re-nominated within 5 years of their award.
  • Self-nominations are not accepted.

How to nominate

Please use the nomination form downloadable below:

Points to consider when drafting the nomination

University Values

  • Achieve excellence in all that we do, always being principled, considerate and respectful.
  • Undertake teaching and research that is relevant to society, ensuring we are diverse, inclusive and accessible to all.
  • Be ambitious, bold and act with integrity, always being willing to listen.
  • Foster a welcoming community, where staff, students, alumni and friends feel proud to be part of our University.
  • Strengthen our deep-rooted and distinctive internationalism, attracting the world’s best minds and building innovative global partnerships for research, teaching and impact.
  • Sustain a deep allegiance and commitment to the interests of the city and region in which we are based, alongside our national and international efforts, ensuring relevance to all.
  • Enable the University to be a place of transformation and of self-improvement, and driven to achieve benefit for individuals, communities, societies and our world.

Additional points to consider

  • Benefit – How has the University, and its strategic priorities, or the wider community (e.g. disadvantaged groups, local charities, public outreach, environmental projects) substantially benefitted from this nominee's service?
  • Participation – How much does the nominee exceed expectations in actively participating, interacting, and collaborating with the campus community to provide exceptional service to the University or helped build relationships with communities?
  • Lasting Impact – How has the nominee’s service beneficially impacted the University or the wider community over an extended period of time?
  • Base of Operation – How does the nominee’s exceptional service relate to the expectations of their position?

Deadline for nominations and selection process

The nomination form should be submitted by email to by 5pm on Friday 23 August 2024 - please use ‘Principal’s Medals 2024’ in the subject header.

The Principal will choose the winners and normally they are awarded their Medal during winter graduations, although that maybe subject to alternative arrangements this year.

Please note: The Principal relies on the nomination form being an accurate and complete description of the reasons why an award should be bestowed. The University of Edinburgh reserves the right to withdraw the award at any point.