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Criteria and guidance

Criteria and guidance for a Principal's Medal nomination

The Principal’s Medal recognises both support and academic colleagues or current students who have made outstanding contributions to both the University and wider communities.


There are two categories:

Principal’s Medal – Exceptional Service Award

The University wishes to honour a team or an individual who has delivered exceptional service beyond that expected of their position, in supporting and serving the University community and mission, including advancing equality of opportunity. 

  • Nominees will have exhibited sustained and outstanding service.
  • Nominees can be individual staff members or a team to a maximum of four.
  • Nominees must have been with the University for at least 2 years.

Please note: the University has a process for recognition of long service and the Principal’s Medal should not be seen as a way to recognise such service.

Principal’s Medal – Contribution to the Community Award

This award recognises a team or an individual who has made a real difference to the community they’ve worked with or lived in. They will have delivered a local ‘hands-on’ service which stands out as an example to others.

  • The primary beneficiaries of the achievement or service must be out-with the University.
  • Nominees can be individual staff members/students or a team to a maximum of four.
  • Nominated students must either be currently studying at the University or have graduated during the year of nomination.
  • Nominated staff should be working for the University during the year of nomination.
  • Nominees do not have to be living in the community they have contributed to.

Who can nominate?

Any current member of the University community may nominate for any of the awards. Self-nominations are allowed and previous nominations may be resubmitted.

How to nominate

Please complete the nomination form downloadable from this link and email to


For Principal’s Medal – Exceptional Service Award

Using the nomination form please set out, in not more than two sides of A4, a short description/explanation of how the nominee(s) has enhanced the reputation of the University, reflecting at least three of the following points:

  • Benefit – How has the University and its strategic priorities, for example stakeholders, discovery, education, people, equality and inclusion, international, knowledge exchange, outreach, professional experience/excellence, and business, substantially benefitted from this nominee's service?
  • Participation – How much does the nominee exceed expectations in actively participating, interacting, and collaborating with the campus community to provide exceptional service to the University?
  • Lasting Impact – How has the nominee’s service beneficially impacted the University over an extended period of time?
  • Base of Operation – How does the nominee’s exceptional service relate to the expectations of their position?

For Principal’s Medal - Contribution to the Community Award

Using the nomination form please set out, in no more than two sides of A4, a short explanation of how the nominee(s) has made a significant contribution to a wider community.

The explanation should outline:

  • what role(s) or area(s) the nominee has excelled in.
  • examples of exemplary service/achievement or selfless voluntary service that has been delivered in an outstanding way.
  • These could include:
    • helping to build relationships with communities.
    • working with people who need help, e.g. disadvantaged groups, local charities.
    • other projects such as public outreach and engagement, pro bono work, or environmental projects.

Deadline for nominations

The nomination form should be submitted by email to by 5pm on Monday 23 April 2018 - please use ‘Principal’s Medals 2018’ in the subject header.

Selection Process

The Selection Panel will consider all nominations and the Convenor will make their recommendations to the Principal.

Winners will be announced in the summer.

The recipients, along with a guest, will be invited to receive their Medal from the Principal at an event to be confirmed later – most recently Medals have been awarded at the November graduations.

Selection Panel

Chair: Professor Charlie Jeffery, Senior Vice-Principal

Panel members:

  • Mr Hugh Edmiston, Director of Corporate Services
  • Ms Shelagh Green, Director of Careers Service
  • Professor Lesley McAra, Assistant Principal  Community Relations
  • Professor Jane Norman, Vice-Principal People and Culture
  • Professor Jonathan Seckl, Vice-Principal Planning, Resources and Research Policy
  • Mr Rob Tomlinson, Acting Director of Communications and Marketing

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