The Principal's Office

2012 Principal's Medal winners

Three exceptional members of staff were announced as the 2012 winners of the Principal’s Medals.

Outstanding Service

Dr Jane Haley, Scientific Manager at Edinburgh Neuroscience, was awarded the Principal’s Medal for Outstanding Service in recognition of her leadership at Edinburgh Neuroscience.

Her work has enhanced the University’s reputation in the field of neuroscience locally, nationally and internationally.

Service to the Community

The Principal’s Medal for Service to the Community was jointly awarded to Sharon Douglas, Administration Assistant for the Welcome Trust Clinical Research Facility Education Programme and to Dee Isaacs, Lecturer in Music at Edinburgh College of Art.

Ms Isaacs, is the lead academic on the successful undergraduate course, Music in the Community. The popular course offers its students the opportunity to take part in outreach work through their music. Ms Isaacs has also been responsible for staging major performance projects at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh and the National Museum of Scotland.

Ms Douglas is the co-founder of the Scottish Network for Arthritis in Children. Through this role, Ms Douglas has made a significant contribution to improving experiences for children and their families affected by juvenile idiopathic arthritis in the UK.