The Principal's Office

2010 Principal's Medal winner

Paul Nisbet, a senior research fellow with the University’s School of Education, was awarded the Principal’s Medal 2010.

Paul is Joint Coordinator of Communication Access Literacy and Learning (CALL) Scotland.

Based within the Institute of Education, Teaching and Leadership, CALL Scotland provides specialist technology expertise for children educated in Scotland who have problems with speech, communication and writing.

Through his work at this innovative centre, Paul has helped to make a difference to the educational lives of many children throughout Scotland.

With a background in engineering, Paul has pioneered or helped to develop a number of technological solutions to the learning barriers experienced by children with learning or physical disabilities.

These include:

  • The SMART wheelchair – a computer-controlled wheelchair for children with severe and multiple disabilities
  • The CALLbox – a small interface box, launched in 1983, that allows a physically disabled child to connect a switch to a computer
  • Adapted Digital Exams – digital versions of exams for young people who are intellectually capable of passing, but are unable to use the traditional written format
  • WordTalk – a free text-to-speech reader for Microsoft Word
  • Books for All – a campaign to highlight that alternative-format books need to accommodate the needs of those with physical disabilities or with dyslexia.