The Principal's Office

2022 Principal's Medal Winners

Two members of staff, a recently graduated student, and two Teams have been named as winners of the 2022 Principal's Medals.

Stav Salpeter, Lianne Henry, Lesley Penny, Ronnie Millar, on behalf of the Student Counselling Service, and the Protocol Team,  received their medals during the 2022 Winter Graduations.

First awarded in 2008, the Principal's Medals celebrate the achievements and dedication of the professional services and academic colleagues and current students who have delivered exceptional service, in supporting and serving the University or the wider community and demonstrated strong alignment to the University’s values. Recipients can be nominated by students and staff.


Stav Salpeter has recently graduated with an MA in International Relations and International Law and is recognised for her leadership of ambitious projects around the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. These projects shaped a welcoming community for respectful conversations for both students and staff of all backgrounds, increased opportunities for students to develop legal research skills, and has had an international impact.

Lianne Henry is Head of Student Allocation in Accommodation, Catering and Events and is recognised for her outstanding commitment to providing support and solutions for thousands of students in our accommodation, and for fostering a welcoming community in unprecedented circumstances.

Lesley Penny is Director of Bioresearch and Veterinary Services and is recognised for her outstanding commitment in supporting her Team and the animals under their care, her advancement of critical research, and her sensitive communication around the University’s work in this area.

Ronnie Millar is the Director of the Student Counselling Service. He and the Student Counselling Service are recognised for their consistent and excellent compassionate service to students and the wider University community over the decades and in particular during the additional pressures of the last few years.

The Protocol Team, comprised of Rebecca Whitefield and Karen Riddell, are recognised for their outstanding commitment over recent years to ensuring high profile University events are successfully run and are a source of great pride for the University.