The Principal's Office

2021 Principal's Medals Winners

Five members of staff and the TestEd Team have been named as winners of the 2021 Principal's Medals.

Tim Aitman (on behalf of the TestEd Team), Linda Bauld, Paul Gorman, Lauren Hall-Lew, Sara Parvis and Emma Wild-Wood all received their medals at the 2021 winter graduations.

First awarded in 2008, the Principal's Medals celebrate the achievements and dedication of the professional services and academic colleagues and current students who have delivered exceptional service, in supporting and serving the University or the wider community and demonstrated strong alignment to the University’s values. Recipients can be nominated by students and staff.


Tim Aitman is the Chief Investigator for the TestEd Programme and Director of the Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine, Institute of Genetics and Cancer. The Team are recognised for their significant achievements in pioneering a way to mass population test in an infectious epidemic and in quickly providing practical Covid-19 testing to the entire University staff and student population through their cross-disciplinary endeavours.

Linda Bauld, Bruce and John Usher Professor of Public Health and Head of the Centre for Population Health Sciences is recognised for her excellent communication of often complex and difficult ideas to the Scottish Government, worldwide media and the public throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Paul Gorman is Deputy Head of Help Services, User Services, Information Services Group. He is recognised for his outstanding contribution to the University’s goal of improving the student experience through his commitment to, and skill in, setting up and leading the EdHelp student support service while coping with  the additional difficulties introduced by the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

Lauren Hall-Lew, Reader, based in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. Lauren is recognised for her exceptional service to the University’s goals of promoting a diverse and inclusive community. As creator and coordinator of the University’s BAME Mentoring Programme, and as a key member of the Women of Colour network, alongside her research interests and collaborations she has set a good example to all.

Dr. Emma Wild-Wood, Director of Postgraduate Studies, and Dr. Sara Parvis, Director of Postgraduate Taught Masters, in the School of Divinity are joint winners in recognition of the way they provided pastoral care under difficult circumstances in the last year or so, and proactively created a welcoming community for their School’s postgraduate students.