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Medal winners

Winners of the Principal's Medal Awards.


Lindsay Jack - Director of Student Experience at the Edinburgh Law School

Professor Peter Kind - Professor of Developmental Neuroscience at the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

Claire Cruikshank - Head of Women’s Rugby at University of Edinburgh Sport & Exercise. 

Tara Schwarze-Chintapatla - MA (Hons) in Landscape Architecture graduate 

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies - accepted by Lindsay Dalziel on behalf of the Accreditation Team 

Student Administration – accepted by Lizzie Beattie on behalf of the Graduation Team

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Lianne Henry - Head of Student Allocations, Accommodation, Catering and Events

Lesley Penny - Director of Bioresearch & Veterinary Services

Stav Salpeter - recent graduate from the School of Social and Political Sciences & the Law School

Karen Riddell and Rebecca Whitefield, Protocol Team - joint winners

Student Counselling Service - accepted by Ronnie Millar, Director, Student Counselling Service on their behalf

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TestEd Team - accepted by Tim Aitman, Chief Investigator for the TestEd Programme and Director of the Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine, Institute of Genetics and Cancer, on their behalf

Linda Bauld, Bruce and John Usher Professor of Public Health and Head of the Centre for Population Health Sciences

Paul Gorman, Deputy Head of Help Services, User Services, Information Services Group

Lauren Hall-Lew, Reader, based in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Dr. Emma Wild-Wood, Director of Postgraduate Studies, and Dr. Sara Parvis, Director of Postgraduate Taught Masters, in the School of Divinity - joint winners

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Please refer to the Staff News article:

Further information on the 2020 winners

Note: for 2020 the categories were dropped


Exceptional Service

Professors Harry Campbell, Igor Rudan, and Harish Nair, The Usher Institute

Contribution to the Community

Dr Adam Budd,  School of History, Classics and Archaeology

Further information on the 2019 winners


Exceptional Service

Professor Helen Sang, Dr Vicky MacRae and Ms Catherine Eastwood, The Roslin Institute

Contribution to the Community

Bharat Chaturvedi, undergraduate in the School of Social and Political Science

Further information on the 2018 winners


Exceptional Service

Professor Aziz Sheikh, Director of the Usher Institute

Contribution to the Community

Alexandros Angelopoulos and Sam Kellerhals, undergraduates in the School of GeoSciences

Further information on the 2017 winners


Exceptional Service

Ms Amy Woodgate and the  Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Team

Contribution to the Community

Colin Adams, Director of Commercialisation, School of Informatics

Further information on the 2016 winners


Exceptional Service

Máire Cox, Communicator at OPENspace Research Centre

Contribution to the Community

Dr Andrew Gardiner, Senior Lecturer at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Further information on the 2015 winners


Exceptional Service

Johanna Holtan, International Engagement Coordinator, Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA)

Contribution to the Community

Nicholle Bell, PhD student in the School of Chemistry

Further information on the 2014 winners


Exceptional Service

Professor Scott Murray, St Columba’s Hospice Chair of Primary Palliative Care, Centre for Population Health Science

Also recognised: Dr Elizabeth Grant, Dr Kirsty Boyd and Dr Marilyn Kendall in Professor Murray’s Primary Palliative Care Research Group

Contribution to the Community

Rebecca MacKenzie, Pro Bono Coordinator and Senior Teaching Fellow, Centre for Professional Legal Studies, Edinburgh Law School

Further information on the 2013 winners


Exceptional Service

Dr Jane Haley, Scientific Manager, Edinburgh Neuroscience

Contribution to the Community

Ms Sharon Douglas, Administration Assistant, Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility Education Programme

Ms Dee Isaacs, Lecturer in Music, Edinburgh College of Art

Further information on the 2012 winners


Exceptional Service

Ms Karen Bowman, Director of Procurement; Mr Jake Broadhurst, International Projects Manager, Global Academies

Contribution to the Community

Dr Chris Speed, Reader in Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art

Further information on the 2011 winners

Note: Two categories were introduced for 2011


Principal's Medal

Mr Paul Nisbet, Senior Research Fellow, School of Education; Joint Coordinator of Communication Access Literacy & Learning (CALL) Scotland

Further information on the 2010 winner


Principal's Medal

Ben Miller, Edinburgh graduate and Fairtrade campaigner

Further information on the 2009 winner


Principal's Medal

Lesley Forrest, Senior Administrative Assistant, Financial Accounting

Grant Guthrie, English Literature graduate and charity worker

Further information on the 2008 winners