The Principal's Office

About the Principal's Medals

The Principal’s Medal was first awarded in 2008 and is one of the most important ways in which the University recognises professional services, academic colleagues or students who have made outstanding contributions to both the University and wider communities.

Each year,  the University honours an individual student, staff member, or team who have delivered exceptional service in supporting and serving the University or the wider community, and demonstrated strong alignment to the University's values.

University Values

  • Achieve excellence in all that we do, always being principled, considerate and respectful.
  • Undertake teaching and research that is relevant to society, ensuring we are diverse, inclusive and accessible to all.
  • Be ambitious, bold and act with integrity, always being willing to listen.
  • Foster a welcoming community, where staff, students, alumni and friends feel proud to be part of our University.
  • Strengthen our deep-rooted and distinctive internationalism, attracting the world’s best minds and building innovative global partnerships for research, teaching and impact.    
  • Sustain a deep allegiance and commitment to the interests of the city and region in which we are based, alongside our national and international efforts, ensuring relevance to all.
  • Enable the University to be a place of transformation and of self-improvement, and driven to achieve benefit for individuals, communities, societies and our world.