Edinburgh aphasia interest group

Bringing together researchers, students, speech and language therapists, and other individuals working with aphasia

The purpose of these meetings is to share research and knowledge about aphasia. We aim to enhance evidence-based practice in speech and therapy language and to promote collaborative and inter-disciplinary work within and between researchers and healthcare professionals.

Each meeting will focus on a specific area related to aphasia. The meetings will consist of, but are not limited to: presentations by members of the group and/or external speakers; case studies; journal article consideration; followed by a general discussion of the topic.

Time and place

We meet 4 times a year (once a season). The timings of the meetings will be varied to allow as many people as possible to attend. Meetings will be advertised on the Psychology events feed as well as the main group website.

We vary the location of our meetings around central Edinburgh, to accommodate as many people as possible.

Meetings will be held in the following locations:

  • Edinburgh University (Bristo Square)
  • Western General Hospital
  • Queen Margaret University
  • Astley Ainslie Hospital

Web-conferencing may also be available at some of these sites for those unable to attend.


The group is led and organised by​ Dr Thomas Bak, Anna Jones, and Dr Mariana Vega-Mendoza.

Please visit the Edinburgh Aphasia Interest Group website for further information, or contact the group organisers on: edinburghaig[at]

Edinburgh Aphasia Interest Group website