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Lab access

Due to the ongoing reorganisation of research facilities in PPLS, it is essential that any new on-campus research study should contact to confirm that a suitable research room is available.

Appleton Tower

The Appleton Tower Teaching Lab contains 26 Apple iMacs facing forward in classroom style towards a whiteboard and dual data projector screens. Each iMac has headphones for sound output. One Imac at the front of the lab is designated the tutor's machine, it is connected to the data projectors and a set of loudspeakers which are distributed throughout the lab. The iMacs are dual-boot MacOS/Windows. The lab is primarily intended for teaching subjects such as signal analysis and statistical analysis, but is increasingly used in other subjects. When not in use for teaching, the lab is available to lab-registered users.

Available for use by All PPLS staff and postgraduates, and by undergraduates where specifically required for PPLS coursework.
Location Room 4.02, Appleton Tower
  1. LEL teaching
  2. PPLS teaching
  3. PPLS MSc studies
  4. PPLS undergraduates with specific course requirements for work in the lab

Swipe card.

Access for classes is initiated by the course organizer, who should contact the Undergraduate Teaching Office or Postgraduate Administrative Office with a list of students registered for the class via EUCLID.

Access for other students requiring to use the lab in connection with their course work is initiated by the student’s supervisor, who should contact PPLS Facilities.

Access for PPLS MSc students for study space is managed by the Postgraduate Administrative Office.

Staff requiring access should contact PPLS Facilities.

PPLS Facilities

Lab usage policy

  • Users must not in any way deliberately cause any form of damage to the University of Edinburgh’s open-access computers or software, or to any of the rooms which contain the computers.
  • Users must comply with any instructions or regulations displayed alongside computing facilities.
  • Eating and drinking (except bottled water) is not permitted in any of the open-access computing areas, with the exception of the cafes located in the Main Library, Appleton Tower and KB Centre.
  • Users must respect the rights of others and should conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner.
  • You must not occupy a computer workstation unless you are actively using it for learning, teaching and research. You are not permitted to leave your belongings at a workstation in an attempt to reserve the workstation while you are away for an extended period. Not only do you risk the theft of belongings, it is also preventing the use of the equipment by others.
  • The playing of unauthorised computer games not associated with learning, teaching and research purposes is not permitted.
  • No equipment should be moved from its designated place or be tampered with in any way.
  • Interference with or removal of print outs from a University printer which belong to another person is not permitted.