Social psychology

covers the intrapersonal (self, identity), interpersonal (relationships), and intergroup (prejudice, discrimination) areas of human social thought, feeling, and behaviour

The Social Psychology Research Group is comprised of academic staff and research students interested in how other people shape our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Our focus is broad, covering all of the levels of social psychology.

Additionally, we employ a diversity of methods ranging from cognitive tasks, qualitative and discursive approaches, experimental designs, questionnaire and surveys, longitudinal methods, agent-based modelling and field studies.


Staff working in this area include:

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Research interests
Steve Loughnan Perception of animals (anthropomorphism), dehumanization, objectification
Zachary Horne Belief formation, attitude change, computational modeling, analogy, scientific explanation, argument generation.

Sarah Stanton

Romantic relationships, affective processes, health and well-being
Anne Templeton Intra- and inter-group processes, crowd psychology, and antecedents to political behaviour
Sue Widdicombe Identity, the self, culture, qualitative methods
Matti Wilks Moral psychology & moral development including moral circle expansion, unusually altruistic groups, effective altruism, naturalness bias, and attitudes towards food technology (cultured meat).

Postgraduate study

PhD and MSc by research programmes