Human cognitive neuroscience

With core interests in memory, attention, executive function, social cognition, sensory integration, and perceptuo-motor control

Human Cognitive Neuroscience (HCN) is comprised of academic staff, research fellows and students with core interests in memory, attention, executive function, social cognition, sensory integration, and perceptuo-motor control in both normally functioning adults and people with a variety of neurological disorders and conditions.

We use a range of methodological tools including traditional behavioural measures, neuroimaging techniques such as fMRI and ERP, eyetracking, motion tracking, computational modelling, and clinical assessment.

Our members are affiliated with various research centres and networks, including:

The Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems

The Scottish Funding Council Brain Imaging Research Centre

The Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology


Labs and facilities at the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences


Staff working in this area include:

  Research interests
Professor Sharon Abrahams Clinical/experimental neuropsychology and neuroimaging, neurodegenerative diseases in particular MND/amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, frontotemporal dementia.
Dr Thomas Bak Bilingualism and cognitive functions in healthy and unhealthy ageing, neurodegenerative diseases, relations between language, cognition, motor function, and culture. 

Dr David Carmel

Consciousness and perceptual awareness, visual awareness and attention, emotion, working memory, top-down influences on perceptual processing, foundations of cognitive science, in particular the scientific study of consciousness.
Dr Nicolas Chevalier Executive function development, cognitive development, developmental cognitive neuroscience.
Professor Sergio Della Sala Cognitive neuropsychology, specifically amnesia, visuo-spatial and representational neglect, apraxia and Alzheimer's Disease.
Dr Leonidas Doumas Analogy, relational reasoning, mental representation, cognitive development, computational modelling, neural networks.
Dr Elena Gherri Action-perception links, spatial attention within and across sensory modalities, conflict and cognitive control.
Professor Robert Logie Human memory in the healthy brain across the lifespan, focused on experimental behavioural studies of working memory.
Dr Sarah E. MacPherson Frontal lobe functions such as memory, executive abilities and social cognition in healthy ageing and damaged brains.
Dr Rob McIntosh Neural control of visual perception and visually-guided action in humans.
Dr Adam Moore Judgement and decision making, particularly moral and economic decisions, the roles of working memory, intelligence, self-control, and empathy in decision making about the self and others.
Dr Alexa Morcom Cognitive neuroscience of memory and ageing.

Postgraduate study

MSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology

PhD and MSc by Research programmes

Meetings and events

The Human Cognitive Neuroscience (HCN) seminars bring together an exciting line-up of speakers including PhD students, staff members, and visiting researchers. New MSc and PhD students welcome!

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