Programme teaching staff

Staff profiles of those involved in teaching on the programme

    Research interests
Patrick Sturt

Dr Patrick Sturt

Programme director

Syntactic processing in language comprehension, Computational models of incremental parsing. Anaphor resolution. Eye movements in reading.
Holly Branigan
Professor Holly Branigan Language production; dialogue; language development; bilingualism
Martin Corley
Professor Martin Corley Production and comprehension of fluent and disfluent speech
Leonidas Doumas
Dr Leonidas Doumas Analogy, relational reasoning, mental representation, cognitive development.
Martin Pickering
Professor Martin Pickering Psychology of language and communication, including language production, language comprehension, dialogue, and bilingualism, with a focus on syntax and semantics.
Hugh Rabagliati
Dr Hugh Rabagliati Language development and processing, with a particular focus on meaning. Relationship between language and thought
Richard Shillcock
Dr Richard Shillcock Reading, cognitive modelling, language representation and processing.