Programme overview

Psycholinguistics is a specialised area of psychology focusing on the mental representations and processes that underlie human language use

This MSc programme aims to provide an advanced understanding of current research in psycholinguistics, and is aimed primarily at students who are considering advanced research in the area. You will develop an up-to-date knowledge of a broad range of areas of the psychology of language and acquire the statistical and methodological skills that allow you to conduct novel research in the field.

We study how people are able to produce or comprehend language, and how groups of people are able to interact in dialogue. This study ranges from single words to entire texts and deals with written and spoken language.

Much of psycholinguistics relies on experimental methods: reaction times, naming speed, eye movements during reading, and also EEG/ERP recordings are all very much in use in the field.

The University attracts a high calibre of visiting speakers. These talks are an excellent way to explore new topics and get to know other postgraduate students.

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