Programme teaching staff

Staff profiles of those involved in teaching on the programme

    Research interests
Nicolas Chevalier

Dr Nicolas Chevalier

Programme director

Executive function development, cognitive development, developmental cognitive neuroscience
Sharon Abraham
Professor Sharon Abrahams

Neuropsychology and neuroimaging in motor neurone disease and frontotemporal dementia; memory dysfunction associated with hippocampal damage.

Thomas Bak
Dr Thomas Bak Bilingualism, language learning and cognitive functions in healthy ageing, stroke and dementia; neurodegenerative diseases; the interaction between language, cognition, motor functions, and culture.
Timothy Bates

Professor Tim Bates

Genetics, Cognitive epidemiology, Cognitive potential, Personality, Group behavior, Dyslexia, Language impairment.
Martin Corley
Professor Martin Corley

Production and comprehension of natural language; speech production.

Billy Lee
Dr Billy Lee

Social communication, identity and mental health; Qualitative methods, phenomenological psychology and psychotherapy.

Cristina Marinho photo
Dr Cristina Marinho Cristina is interested in investigating traditional social psychological topics as discursive actions using a rhetorical/discursive psychology approach. Topics of interest: political ideology/practices, manipulation/persuasion, dilemmas of identity, extreme forms of prejudice/discrimination, rhetorical/discursive psychology.
Rob McIntosh

Professor Rob McIntosh

Neural control of visual perception and visually-guided action in humans.
Daniel Mirman
Dr Dan Mirman Neuroanatomy of spoken language processing; the organization of semantic knowledge; the role of cognitive control in spoken language; developing new statistical methods and data sharing
Dr Aja Murray
Dr Aja Murray Developmental aspects of mental health phenotypes and their comorbidity: in particular, ADHD, autism, and conduct problems; quantitative methodology.
Martin Pickering
Professor Martin Pickering Psychology of language and communication, including language production, language comprehension, dialogue, and bilingualism, with a focus on syntax and semantics.
Helena Radke
Dr Helena Radke Understanding prejudice and how social change occurs through collective action; understanding and overcoming the barriers women face when engaging in collective action to overcome sexism, and the benefits and backlashes associated with involving allies in political movements.
Richard Shillcock
Dr Richard Shillcock Reading, cognitive modelling, language representation and processing, and the nature of theories and models in Psychology and in Cognitive Science more widely.
Sue Widdicombe

Dr Sue Widdicombe

Sue is a discursive social psychologist with interests in self, identity and social interaction and in Critical Social Psychology. She has done work on social groups including youth culture and subcultures, cross-cultural work on Arab identities, and on interactions in healthcare settings. She is also interested in the dynamics of interview interaction.