As a postgraduate student you will have access to a wide range of research resources and state-of-the-art facilities

You will have access to a wide range of facilities including:

  • Over 30 libraries, including the recently refurbished main library and a dedicated Psychology and Philosophy Library within the Psychology building itself. All postgraduate students also have access to the extensive holdings of the National Library of Scotland and the National Archives of Scotland, all within walking distance of the central campus
  • Extensive, state-of-the-art computing facilities, both within the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, and across the campus. There are additional computing labs across the University at the main library, the halls of residence and laptop users will find wireless networking coverage throughout the University
  •  Computers within the School of PPLS are configured with specific software to support the School’s needs, including packages for experimental design and execution. We also have audio and video recording equipment and software, extensive facilities for data collection and experimentation, a social psychology laboratory and technical support.
  • Your own desk space in a shared office and an open concourse ideal for socialising with fellow students and staff. There is also a kitchen/common room with a fridge, kettle and microwaves to keep you going during the day.

Find out more about our facilities:

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Psychology Postgraduates Affairs Group (PsyPAG)

All postgraduate students of psychology are automatically members of PsyPAG. PsyPag provides support, communication and representation for postgraduates within the British Psychological Society. It also brings together postgraduate students from around the country.


British Psychological Society (BPS)