Psychology win BPS award

Psychology win British Psychological Society award for programme innovation

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We are delighted to announce that the psychology department at Edinburgh has been awarded as joint winners for the British Psychological Society (BPS) Award for Innovation in Psychology programmes for 2016. This award recognises the substantial revisions which have been made to the psychology programme over the past two years.

We have been making changes to improve the active engagement of students in the course, and allow them more experience with psychological research and important transferable skills. Engagement is an important part of effective learning practice, and we are proud to be recognised for developing our programme to further support this.

We have been ensuring a strong integration of all aspects of the course, allowing theoretical knowledge to be supported by practice. Our narrative lectures and practical sessions draw together important themes in psychology, and have been praised by year 1 and 2 students. The consistency of the student learning across their different classes has been significantly rewarded, and improved the student experience.

An important part of our course development and innovation has taken place in research method teaching. Understanding of statistics is vital in the learning of psychology. Our intensive teaching and lab experiences developed for psychology students has fostered desirable employment skills, as well as building a sense of community in the department.

We have received some excellent feedback from students, and are so pleased to see student experience benefitting from these innovations. Our next phase of improvements will be targeted towards the honours years of the programme.

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