Psychology at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Psychology researchers at Edinburgh are looking forward to being involved in this year's Science Festival (1st – 16th April) - so don't miss out on these fantastic events!

From séance to science: Who is psychology’s greatest hero?

20:00 – 21:30| 14th April | Discussion

Anatomy Lecture theatre, Summerhall

A fun discussion exploring some of the history of psychology, and debating who could own the title of psychology’s greatest hero. Professor Caroline Watt, Dr Thomas Bak, and Dr Stuart Ritchie, will each present their case and you’ll get to probe them with questions to help determine the answer. This event is not to be missed.

From séance to science: Who is psychology’s greatest hero?


A Very Short Introduction to: Intelligence

13:00 – 14:00| 11th April | Discussion

Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall

Lothian Birth Cohort Project

17:30 – 19:00| 11th April | Discussion

Auditorium, National Museum of Scotland (Chambers Street)

Both of these events will be led by Professor Ian Deary and are not to be missed if you’re interested in Intelligence and Individual differences. Ian Deary has made a huge mark on the studies of intelligence in Psychology, so what better way to find out more about the longest study of human cognition that has ever taken place.

A Very Short Introduction to: Intelligence

Lothian birth Cohort project


Look Inside your Mind

10:00 – 16:30| 1st – 5th April | drop-in

Learning Centre Level 2, National Museum of Scotland (Chambers Street)

Try out a range of child-friendly activities that let you explore what’s going on inside your mind. The science of thought is an incredibly complex area, and this is set to be a fun, accessible entry into discovering what it’s all about.

Look Inside your mind


Wee Science

11:00 – 15:00| 1st & 2nd April | drop-in

Budongo Trail, RZSS Edinburgh Zoo

For those of you with an interest in the psychology of development, and of language, this is a great event. Bring along your child scientists to explore language development and how we learn to understand it all.

Wee Science