Intelligence research features in online festival

Ian Deary explores intelligence and the ageing of thinking skills as part of a mini digital science festival

Videos, articles and activities created by students and staff are free to access through Elements of #EdSciFest, an alternative online offering from the Edinburgh Science Festival.

The organisers of the citywide event, which was cancelled in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, have curated a range of engaging digital content for adults and children.

Materials contributed by students and staff from across the University, plus content supplied by other Edinburgh Science Festival partners, will be available beyond the festival's original end date of 19 April.

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Intelligence and the ageing of thinking skills

Professor of Differential Psychology Ian Deary explains the basics about IQ in his latest book, Intelligence: A Very Short Introduction.

The book explores topics such as whether intelligence differences are caused by genes or the environment and whether intelligence declines or increases as we grow older.

Ian explores some of these themes as part of the festival in a 60-second video on intelligence and also a recorded lecture on the ageing of thinking skills:

Intelligence: A Very Short Introduction

A short video on the basics of IQ.

Secrets of Staying Sharp in Older Age

Ian shines a light on why some people's brains and thinking skills age better than others.

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University science features in online festival

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