Edinburgh International Science Festival: What does your mind tell you?

Find out how old you really are with researchers from the Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology (CCACE) and see what the future holds for dementia with Tom Russ and John Starr at the 2018 Edinburgh International Science Festival

Psychology researchers from CCACE and also Dr Tom Russ and Professor John Starr from the Alzheimer’s Scotland Dementia Research Centre will feature in the upcoming Edinburgh International Science Festival.


Alzheimer Scotland Research Dementia Centre

How old are you really?

Saturday 7 – Monday 9 April, 10am–4.30pm in the National Museum of Scotland (Learning Centre Level 2)

Have you ever been told you don't look your age? Some people say we appear younger and others older, and there are actually different answers to this. Your body will say one thing, your DNA another and, of course, your date of birth might say something else.

Researchers from CCACE at the School of PPLS have prepared a series of hands-on activities for you to understand how our bodies provide different information than our birthdate.

Who knows, after the activity, you might end up having several birthday parties throughout the year.

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How old are you really? - Edinburgh International Science Festival 

What does the futures hold for dementia?

Saturday 14 April, 12.30pm–2pm in the National Museum of Scotland (Auditorium)

How close are we to curing Alzheimer’s disease?

Join the discussion with a panel of experts, in which Tom Russ and John Starr will participate.

The best thing of all? If you have specific questions regarding the matter, submit them before the event by sending a tweet to @cendemprevent.

Tickets and further information

What does the future hold for dementia? - Edinburgh International Science Festival

Edinburgh International Science Festival

The festival is a celebration of science and technology, taking place each year during the Easter break. It was the first of its kind in the world and is still one of the largest science festivals in Europe, with almost 300 events running each year.

Edinburgh International Science Festival