Case study: Australia

Monika, BSc Psychology student, studied at the University of Sydney, Australia

Monika with a bird

As part of the International Exchange I had an opportunity to live, work and study in Australia. I spent a year studying at the University of Sydney. I have found that the University of Sydney has an excellent Psychology department, with many passionate researchers and lecturers. There are equivalents of most third year courses available including Advanced Statistics for Psychology (equivalent of Methodology 1) and Qualitative Research Methods (equivalent of Methodology 2). The focus of research is different at the University of Sydney, so I had opportunity to learn about many topics that are perhaps less popular at the University of Edinburgh. These included current research into psychopharmacology, learning theories, emotional intelligence, metacognition, visual cognition and self. I also had an opportunity to undertake one of many paid research internships offered by the Australian universities, over the summer. 

I have found Australia to be an outstandingly beautiful country, full of warm, friendly people. Becoming friends with other exchange and local students was easy with many societies, clubs, events and extrusions available throughout the university. It was an amazing opportunity to meet people from many different cultures and backgrounds. Sydney was also an excellent starting point for travelling across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. The region was very different to anything I have experienced within Europe, with warm climate, endless sandy beaches, vast wild forests and unique fauna and flora. I would highly recommend Australia as a destination for anyone considering participating in the International Exchange.