Special circumstances

Dealing with personal issues that interfere with your studies

Reporting special circumstances

Special Circumstances are circumstances beyond your control that have had a significant negative impact on your performance.  

Your Personal Tutor (PT) and Student Support Team are your first point of contact if you are considering making a Special Circumstances application. They can give you advice, guidance, and direction to other University Services if necessary, such as Student Counselling and the Student Disability Service.  

Special Circumstances are submitted online, through the Assessment Support System

Apply for Special Circumstances

The Extensions and Special Circumstances Service have produced step-by-step instruction videos on how to complete and submit a Special Circumstances application

Applying for Support

PPLS has a set deadline for submitting Special Circumstances for each semester, regardless of the date of students' final assessments. You can find these deadlines on the Extensions and Special Circumstances website. 

Special Circumstances deadlines

Your Student Support Team and Personal Tutor will still be your first point of contact for any issues impacting on your studies.   

Student Support Office

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