Personal tutors

One-to-one support

Each student in the School is assigned to a Personal Tutor who can provide them with academic advice, guidance on their course choices and academic progress, and signpost where to seek further help from University support services. Students will be invted to several academic guidance meetings with their Personal Tutor group. It is very important that all students attend these scheduled, online meetings. Students will also be enrolled on the PPLS UG Personal Tutor, Support and Information Hub on Learn. The Personal Tutor's page can be found in the "My Groups" section. Details of scheduled meetings and access to the group discussion board can be found here. Students can also request individual meetings to discuss: 

  • your previous year's results
  • how to improve your grades
  • your course choices for the present year
  • your degree plan
  • things to be thinking about for achieving your goals at university and beyond.

Other One-to-One Support

Personal Tutors can also give you advice about what to do if your personal circumstances are affecting your work. You can request an individual meeting with your Personal Tutor at any point during the academic year. You will find details of how to make such an appointment on your Personal Tutor group page. 

You should keep your Personal Tutor informed of achievements and successes, which can be noted on your record and used in future letters of reference.

PPLS Personal tutoring statement

The PPLS Personal Tutoring Statement provides an outline of the School's Personal Tutor system.

If you require a PDF document in an alternative format, such as large print or a coloured background, please email or contact the PPLS Student Support Office.

Personal Tutors

Personal Tutor allocations for new students and continuing students who need to be reallocated will be completed in September, just before Welcome Week. Your Personal Tutor page will be available in the "My Groups" section on the PPLS UG Personal Tutor, Support and Information Hub on Learn from 14 September. You will also find the name and contact details of your Personal Tutor in MyEd, and details of how to make an appointment with them. 


How often you meet your Personal Tutor

The number of meetings you have depends on which year you are in:

First Year

4 group meetings, twice a semester

Second Year 3 group meetings, two in semester one, and one in semester two
Third Year 2 group meetings, one in each semester
Fourth Year 2 group meetings, one in each semester

Scheduling meetings

Your Personal Tutor will be in touch to invite you to group meetings. 

You are welcome to schedule meetings in addition to regular scheduled meetings. If you’d like to request an additional meeting, contact your Personal Tutor directly. You will find details of how to book on your Personal Tutor page on the PPLS UG Personal Tutor, Support and Information Hub on Learn, and on MyEd. You can also contact them via email.

If you are off campus

You are still entitled to meet your Personal Tutor if you are:

  • studying abroad for a period;
  • on placement;
  • studying an online degree.

These meetings can be conducted over the telephone, by Skype (or similar), or using a web conferencing application.

Contacting your Personal Tutor

You can expect your Personal Tutor to respond to your emails within a few business days. If you have any trouble contacting your Personal Tutor, please contact the School Undergraduate Student Support Office.

Undergraduate Student Support Office


Feedback on personal tutoring

We’ve made some changes to the PT system this year, and we’d love to hear your views. If you have comments or suggestions, please contact the Senior Personal Tutor, Dr Sue Widdicombe, by email.