Societies and Peer Support

All student societies and peer support groups in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Peer Support

The School offers Peer Support through Learn, PhilPALS, PsychPALS and FamiLing.

PhilPALs is a peer-assisted learning scheme to help Philosophy first year students. PhilPALs on Facebook

PsychPALS is the Psychology peer-assisted learning scheme, dedicated to first and second year students embarking on their undergraduate journey to become successful psychologists. PsychPALS on Facebook

FamiLing is peer-assisted learning support, dedicated to first year Linguistics and English Language Students. FamiLing on Facebook

Peer Support on Learn:

Find out more information about Peer Learning and Support, see the Edinburgh University Student's Association website: Edinburgh University Student's Association - Peer Learning and Support


Edinburgh University Psychology Society is for Psychology and non-Psychology students alike! Come along to our social events and academic talks for a chance to get to know other Psychology enthusiasts.

We organise many socials such as pub-crawls, quizzes, movie nights, drinks receptions and an end of year meal; we like to think of ourselves as your support network, always on hand to make the stresses of Uni that little bit easier.

Psychology Society website


Founded in 1871, Edinburgh PhilSoc is the oldest continuously running society at the University of Edinburgh and is the largest and most active philosophy society in the UK. We aim to provide an environment for all students interested in philosophic investigation to discuss and learn from each other and from renowned philosophers through our lecture series, reading groups and discussion groups.

We welcome students from all academic disciplines. PhilSoc aptly complements the philosophy course at the University of Edinburgh, exposing students to a wide range of philosophic issues from both analytic and continental traditions.

Philosophy Society website


LingSoc, the Linguistics and English Language Society, is a society for appreciation, study and conversation of language. The society was created by students who wanted to provide a forum for Linguistics and English Language that extended beyond the classroom to provide support, friendship and a community.

LingSoc on Facebook

Cognitive Science Society

The CogSci Society aims to provide a community for the Cognitive Science students at the university, or just anyone who's interested in cognitive science. We organise events throughout the academic year, such as pub quizzes, socials, film screenings, discussion groups and peer support sessions.

If you want to become a member of the society, email, or sign up in person at any of our events.

Membership is only £3 per academic year, and it gives you free access to all our events.

Cognitive Science Society on Facebook

Cognitive Science Society (Edinburgh University Students' Association)