What you can do with your psychology degree and how to get help from the University Careers Service

What you can do with a Psychology degree

Studying a psychology degree fosters a valuable aptitude for work in both the science and arts fields, and forms a flexible basis for a wide number of careers.

Starting points and further information about career areas related to the study of psychology, including the main professional psychology careers, and areas where your degree subject may be useful. Includes information on relevant work experience for students wanting to become professional psychologists.

Psychology job options – Prospects website

Careers in Psychology

During semester we run careers seminar series on working in the psychology professions. The links below give some useful information from the most recent seminars and are a good starting point for finding out about the different psychology professions.

Gaining experience for entry to further training in psychology

Entry to professional training in areas such as educational, clinical and forensic psychology is very competitive and you need to build up substantial relevant work experience to be successful. Start this via paid work or volunteering while you are at university, if possible. Most professional psychology postgraduate courses will not accept applications from students before they're graduated with the assumption they will not have enough experience. Use the resources below to research ways of gaining relevant experience.

The British Psychological Society (BPS) also has information on the different psychology professions, training routes and work experience.

The British Psychology Society

In these short videos, Edinburgh Psychology graduates talk about their experience since graduation, and how Psychology has been useful in their career:

Need more help?

The University Careers Service has lots of useful resources to help you explore your options. A good starting point is to look at their website where you can access resources and where you’ll also find contact details if you need to get in touch.

Visit the Careers Service website

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