Assessment information for Semester 2

Information on measures to support students on PPLS-owned programmes in semester two (2020/2021)

Here you will find information about assessment in the four undergraduate disciplines (Cognitive Science, Linguistics and English Language, Philosophy, Psychology) administered by the School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences.

Please note that all advice below applies to PPLS courses only. If you are taking a joint degree with another School, you should check with that School for any additional relevant information. Note also that the advice below is subject to change as University advice is updated; please bookmark this page and check back as needed.

All of the information below should be read in conjunction with the University’s information on assessment in 2020-21. Where no specific information is given below, the University advice will apply.

University information on assessment in 2020/2021

If you have any questions about any of the information below, please contact the PPLS Student Support Office in the first instance.

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