What to do if you are absent


If you are experiencing medical problems which are serious enough that your studies are likely to suffer, you should discuss this with your Personal Tutor or a Student Support Officer. It is usually helpful if you can provide a letter from your doctor in support of your medical problems. Clearly, not every visit to the doctor would result in the submission of a medical certificate and you should use your judgment as to whether or not the University should be informed. If the problem affects more than a week’s classes, you should let us know.

Contact the student support officers


Tutorials are an integral part of your study and you should make every effort to attend these. Failure to do so may result in penalties.

If you have missed a tutorial, you must contact your Tutor to account for your absence and find out what preparation is required for the next tutorial. Similarly, if you know in advance of any good reason why you will not be able to attend a tutorial, you should inform your tutor at the earliest opportunity and be prepared to catch up on any missed coursework.

Welcome week

If you miss Welcome week, it is vital that you contact Student Administration as soon as possible to confirm your matriculation.

Contact Student Administration

You also need to come in to the student support office so we can confirm your attendance and ensure that you are registered on the correct courses. You are also required to make an appointment to meet with your Personal Tutor.


If you miss an exam, contact your Personal Tutor and/or student support officer. If you feel you have mitigating circumstances, you may wish to apply for special circumstances.

Special circumstances