Personal tutor system

How personal tutoring works for postgraduate students on taught programmes

Your Personal Tutor can provide you with academic guidance and a context in which to reflect on your academic progress. 

You may wish to discuss:

  • your course choices
  • things to be thinking about for achieving your goals at university and beyond. 
  • research plans
  • supervision arrangements

You should keep your Personal Tutor informed of achievements and successes, which can be noted on your record and used in future letters of reference.

Who is my Personal Tutor?

You can find out who your Personal Tutor is via MyEd.


How often do I meet my Personal Tutor?

One-to-one meetings with your Personal Tutor will be offered to you once each semester during the taught component of your degree with an additional meeting being scheduled at the beginning of your research component.

One-to-one meetings

You will be offered 3 one-to-one meetings:

  • at the beginning of semester 1
  • at the beginning of semester 2
  • at the beginning of the dissertation period
Group meetings You will meet as a group with other students on your programme at least once a semester.

These meetings will typically last approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Scheduling meetings

In PPLS, it is up to you and your Personal Tutor to schedule meetings. At the beginning of each semester, your Personal Tutor will make a number of meeting slots available.

You are welcome to schedule meetings in addition to regular scheduled meetings. If you’d like to request an additional meeting, contact your Personal Tutor directly.

You are still entitled to meet your Personal Tutor if you are:

  • studying abroad for a period;
  • on placement;
  • studying an online degree.

Contacting your Personal Tutor

You can expect your Personal Tutor to respond to your emails within 5 business days. If you have any trouble contacting your Personal Tutor, please contact the PPLS postgraduate office.

Postgraduate office