Student engagement and attendance monitoring

Information related to engagement and attendance monitoring for all students and additional information for students on a Tier 4 visa

The School of PPLS wishes to ensure that all of our students engage with their academic programme of study and so a series of checks are made during the year to monitor the situation. Information on the School Student Engagement and Attendance Monitoring Plan is available below.

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Tier 4 students

Our responsibilities

As a Tier 4 student, the University of Edinburgh is the sponsor of your UK visa. The University has a number of legal responsibilities, including monitoring your attendance on your programme and reporting to the Home Office where:

  • you suspend your studies, transfer or withdraw from a course, or complete your studies significantly early;
  • you fail to register/enrol at the start of your course or at the two additional registration sessions each year and there is no explanation;
  • you are repeatedly absent or are absent for an extended period and are excluded from the programme due to non-attendance. The University must maintain a record of your attendance and the Home Office can ask to see this or request information about it at any time.

What you need to do

As you are studying in the UK on a Tier 4 visa, you are responsible for ensuring that you abide by the conditions of your visa.

It is essential that you familiarise yourself with the rights, responsibilities and restrictions your Tier 4 visa imposes on you.

You have the responsibility for:

  • Keeping the University up to date with your contact details
  • Providing the University with a copy of your most up to date visa or Biometric residence permit
  • Registering with the police (if you have to do so)
  • Seeking advice in a timely fashion if you make any changes to your studies or your personal circumstances change
  • Ensuring you leave the UK or apply to extend your stay before the expiry date of your visa
  • Attending all classes, lectures and seminars, or if you are a research student, engaging regularly with your supervisor
  • If you cannot attend for any reason, you must inform your School or supervisor, and get permission for your absence

More information

Rights, responsibilities and restrictions

If you have any questions relating to your Tier 4 visa or your immigration status please email the Student Immigration service:

Student Immigration

Independent support and advice from Students’ Association Advice Place:

The Advice Place