PhD annual reviews

Guidance on the annual review process for PhD students

What are annual reviews?

PhD progress is monitored annually by your supervisory team (see the Code of Practice for Supervisors and Research Students for details).

Code of Practice for Supervisors and Research Students

This is an opportunity for you and your supervisors to look back on the past year of work, address any concerns that might arise and plan for the next year of your studies. While you will be having these discussions during your supervision meetings throughout your studies, this report is a summary of your progress each year and is the official report added to your student record.

When do annual reviews take place?

The review will take place 9-12 months after your registration anniversary date and the system will send you the form for completion at around month 8 so that you can start working on it. This means that if you started your programme in September you will receive your form in April and you would expect to have your review meeting in May-August. The exact scheduling will depend on the availability of you and your supervisors.

It is recommended that a meeting between you and your supervisory teams is scheduled to go over your report every year. An additional member of academic staff not connected with your project will also be part of these meetings to provide a fresh perspective.

To do list

  • Talk to your supervisors to set up a meeting date.
  • Agree with supervisors what materials are needed for your review. Please aim to submit your form and materials at least two weeks in advance of your meeting to allow the panel time to prepare for the meeting.
  • Confirm with supervisors the name of your external panel member
  • Complete the self assessment form sent to you through MyEd. (You can save the form and come back to it if you need to.)
  • Hit submit button!
  • You will be able to track the status of your form through your student record.

Training Needs Assessment form

Please complete the Training Needs Assessment form and upload to your Annual Review. You should complete the form with your supervisor, update and upload for each annual review.

The review form

The progress review form is built into the student record system.

Postgraduate research annual review

What happens next?

  • When your form has been submitted it will be available to your supervisory team to view.
  • After your meeting your lead supervisor will complete an additional part of the form with their comments on your progress so far. This is then sent to your second supervisor for comment and agreement and so on until all supervisors have had the chance to see the report.
  • Once the form has been completed by all supervisors it will then become available to you so that you can read over the comments and indicate that you have read and understood the outcome of your review.
  • Once you have indicated your agreement on the online form a final version of the full form will be added to your record.


Please contact our Postgraduate Administrator, Katie Keltie

Katie Keltie