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Episode one: The Philosophy of Grief

In our first episode, PhD student Ellie Palmer chats with Professor Michael Cholbi about his work on the philosophy of grief.

Grief and bereavement have been studied very extensively by people in psychology and psychiatry, it's the subject of an innumerable number of poems and narratives, my objective is to find out what philosophers can contribute. 

Professor Michael Cholbi
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This episode's guests

Professor Michael Cholbi

Michael is Professor and Personal Chair in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. He has published widely in ethical theory, practical ethics, and the philosophy of death and dying.

His latest book Grief: A Philosophical Guide provides an engaging and illuminating exploration of grief—and why, despite its intense pain, it can also help us grow.

Professor Cholbi is also founding member of The Philosophers’ Consortium on Assisted Dying in Scotland (PCADS), a group of Scotland-based philosophers offering expert advocacy on behalf of the legalisation of assisted dying in Scotland.

Ellie Palmer

Ellie is a PhD candidate specialising in the intersections between Eastern and Western philosophies. Her current research explores the realms of world/comparative philosophies with a particular focus on East Asian/Japanese metaphysics, death, and the spatio-temporality of identity.

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