Postgraduate professional development and research training seminars

Research and professional support for postgraduate students and early-career faculty

Seminars for advanced PhD students

The department hosts regular professional development seminars where members of faculty share advice about research, teaching, and other skills required for an academic career.

This semester's seminars TBA.

Seminars for new PhD students

The Philosophy Proseminar is a fortnightly seminar for 1st year PhD students. A different faculty member will lead a discussion on a recent or classic philosophy paper in their area of expertise. As a Proseminar participant you will:

  1. Get to know your peers and staff in the Philosophy department
  2. Find out what others are working on and receive support and advice about your own research
  3. Read and discuss areas of philosophy outside your immediate specialisation and think about how they relate to your research

Proseminar schedule 2020/21

Semester 1

Seminars take place on Wednesdays, 13:00 - 14:30, via TEAMS.


Contact Jo Wolff for more information and to suggest topics for future seminars.

Jo Wolff