Events archive

A record of past events organised by the Edinburgh Women in Philosophy group


17 May The Edinburgh Women in Philosophy Group hosted the Implicit Bias Workshop with Helen Beebee (Manchester), Jules Holroyd (Nottingham), and Mario Weick (Kent).


6 Dec The Edinburgh Women in Philosophy Group hosted a whisky tasting evening at Hotel du Vin & Bistro Edinburgh.
30 May The Edinburgh Women in Philosophy Group hosted a workshop titled "Pornography and Objectification; Aesthetics and the Erotic".
21 Jan The Edinburgh Women in Philosophy Group hosted the EWPG Workshop 2010/11 to explore some of the philosophical issues surrounding the underrepresentation of women in professional philosophy.
19 Jan Roundtable Discussion on "Academia and the Family" to explore and begin to address difficulties for combining philosophical research with having a family.


25 Nov Women in Philosophy "Afternoon Tea" - Andy Clark shared, as an in memoriam to Susan Hurley, Professor Hurley's reflections on issues facing women in philosophy. Holly Branigan offered a picture of how women are doing psychology, which we were able to compare with philosophy and we were offered anecdotes and reflections from Emily Brady and Natalie Gold, as well as reflections on pedagogical approaches from Alasdair Richmond.


3 Nov Women in Philosophy Postgraduate Seminar - the purpose of the seminar was to open discussion about the challenges facing women in academic philosophy, featuring contributions from Clare Mac Cumhaill, Elinor MasonDuncan PritchardPauline Phemister, and Jesper Kallestrup.