Programme teaching staff

Staff profiles of those involved in teaching on the programme

    Research interests
  Dr Jo Wolff Programme Director Philosophy of science and in metaphysics.
James Collin
Dr Jamie Collin Philosophy of language, metaphysics, and epistemology, with a particular focus on how pragmatist conceptions of language such as semantic inferentialism bear on metaphysical and epistemological matters.
Duncan Pritchard
Professor Duncan Pritchard Philosophy of science, the philosophy of mind and language, the philosophy of religion, ethics and value theory, and epistemology, with a particular focus on the following issues: the problem of scepticism, the epistemic externalism/internalism distinction; the rationality of religious belief; testimony; the relationship between epistemic and content externalism; virtue epistemology; epistemic value; modal epistemology; the history of scepticism; and epistemological contextualism.
Alasdair Richmond
Dr Alasdair Richmond Metaphysics (especially time and space); philosophy of science; the British empiricists (especially Hume on miracles).