Learning outcomes and careers

This programme provides you with a range of knowledge and skills to prepare you for a variety of career paths

Embodied cognition is the study of minds as embedded in, interacting with, and inextricable from the physical, biological, and social environments in which they evolve, develop, and act.

Embodied cognition marks a point of convergence between the front-lines of cognitive science and philosophy, drawing on analytic and continental traditions, the philosophy of mind and language, the philosophy of biology, moral philosophy and ethics, in live dialogue with empirical research in psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, robotics, human-computer interaction, and beyond.

This programme will provide you with the training necessary to undertake research in philosophy of cognitive science, and ultimately to pursue a career in academic philosophy. You will also acquire an understanding of the central debates in the sciences of the mind today.

If you do not intend to follow an academic route, the study of philosophy helps to develop general intellectual abilities and enhance analytical, critical, interpretive and problem-solving abilities.