Who to contact

Helping you direct queries to the right place

Studying with us

Prospective students

If you're thinking about studying with us, or have applied to study with us, please direct queries to the Undergraduate Admissions Office or the School Postgraduate Office.

Undergraduate Admissions Office

School Postgraduate Office

Current undergraduate students 

The School Undergraduate Teaching Office can help with matters relating to the administration of your courses.

The Student Support and Experience Office are also available to help with a range of other undergraduate queries.

Current postgraduate students 

The School Postgraduate Office should be your first port of call for most postgraduate queries.


Consult our research page for information about our research.


Key contacts in Philosophy

Below is a list of faculty with administrative responsibilities, who you should also feel free to contact.

Head of Philosophy Nick Treanor
Deputy Head of Philosophy Matthew Chrisman


Undergraduate Director Bryan Pickel
Deputy Undergraduate Director Guy Fletcher
Course Organiser, Morality and Value Debbie Roberts
Course Organiser, Philosophy of Science 1  Alasdair Richmond
Course Organiser, Greats Pauline Phemister
Course Organiser, Knowledge and Reality  Bryan Pickel
Course Organiser, Logic 1 Brian Rabern
Course Organiser, Mind, Matter and Language Brian Rabern
Exam Boards Convenor David Levy
Philosophy QAE David Levy
Gender Climate Committee Convener Alix Cohen
Open Day Coordinator Alasdair Richmond
Impact and Community Outreach Officer Dave Ward
Philosophy Society Liaison Aidan McGlynn
Tutor Coordinator Alix Cohen
Student Exchange Coordinator Patrick Todd
Reading Party Coordinator Nick Treanor
Summer School Organiser Wolfgang Schwarz
SSLC Convenor Bryan Pickel
Philosophy Library Rep Pauline Phemister


Postgraduate Director Elinor Mason
Deputy Postgraduate Director Alix Cohen
Programme Director, MSc Cognition in Science and Society Chris Cummins
Programme Director, MSc Epistemology, Ethics and Mind (Online) Suilin Lavelle
Programme Director, MSc Mind, Language and Embodied Cognition (Sem1) Tillmann Vierkant
Programme Director, MSc Mind, Language and Embodied Cognition (Sem2) Dave Ward
Programme Director, MSc Philosophy Martin Smith
Programme Director, MSc Philosophy, Science & Religion (online) Alasdair Richmond


Research Director Matthew Chrisman
REF Coordinator Mike Ridge
Visiting Speaker Seminars Coordinator Patrick Todd
Eidyn Director Duncan Pritchard