Philosophy professor to deliver Royal Society prize lecture

Michela Massimi will be awarded the 2017 Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Medal and is giving her prize lecture 'Why philosophy of science matters to science'

Professor of Philosophy of Science Michela Massimi is giving her prize lecture as part of 2017 Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Medal on 21 May 2018 at the Royal Society in London.

Michela Massimi

Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Medal is awarded to School's Professor

Why philosophy matters to science

Michela will make the case for interdisciplinary research and highlight the good that philosophy can do for science.

She argues that philosophy of science plays a key social function and that it has an important role in scientific enquiries, exploring how the search for scientific knowledge takes place in practice and why scientific enquiries succeed. According to Michela, a philosophy of science which speaks up for evidence, progress and truth best serves the needs of science in society.

The Royal Society - Why philosophy of science matters to science

Philosophy of science leader

Michela is the first woman to receive the Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Medal, which was awarded to her in recognition of her work as a leading figure in the philosophy of science. She leads the Research Cluster in Philosophy of Science here at the School of PPLS and was recently elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Philosophy professor elected Royal Society of Edinburgh Fellow

Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Medal and Lecture

The award is given for excellence in a subject relating to the history of science, philosophy of science or the social function of science.