PPLS philosopher new RSE Young Academy of Scotland member

Royal Society of Edinburgh announces new members of the Young Academy of Scotland

Published on 12 Sep 2016, 14:57

Matthew Chrisman inducted into the Royal Society of Edinburgh's Young Academy of Scotland.

The RSE Young Academy of Scotland fosters interdisciplinary activities among emerging leaders from the disciplines of science and humanities, the professions, the arts, business and civil society. Established by the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2011, the Young Academy of Scotland provides a platform for able and innovative young entrepreneurs, professionals and academics to develop a coherent and influential voice, and to address the most challenging issues facing society in Scotland and beyond.

The Young Academy provides a means of reaching beyond the professional environments in which members work, thus contributing to policy and practice in all areas. It provides an opportunity for its members to interact across disciplines and professions with decision makers, opinion formers and experts, business leaders, funding bodies, national institutions, the public and the media within Scotland, the UK and internationally.

In July 2016, Matthew Chrisman was amongst 44 new members inducted into the 4th cohort, and with them he joins YAS’s existing members in realising its mission ‘to achieve transformative societal change through citizenship, innovation, collaboration, evidence, and leadership’. The group comprising 25 women and 19 men in their early-to-mid careers from across Scotland, will bring a range of important and diverse skills to YAS.

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