Philosophy at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh is excited to be part of this year's festival (1st – 16th April), encouraging the connections between philosophy and science.

Traditionally, people might not always associate philosophy with science, but here in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, many of our researchers are studying the link between philosophical ideas and science and technology. You can explore some of those ideas at the science festival events below.

Seeing Minds Online

10:00 – 16:30| 6th – 10th April | drop-in

Learning Centre Level 2, National Museum of Scotland (Chambers Street)

This drop-in event should be particularly captivating for those of us who are excited - or possibly terrified - about the capabilities of robots in our near future. This is an interactive event that you can drop into any time. Have a go at our very own Turing test, and learn more about what allows us to discern a real human from a robot or a chat-bot.

Seeing Minds Online

The Hunt for Supersymmetric particles

17:30 – 19:00| 13th April | Discussion

Auditorium, National Museum of Scotland (Chambers Street)

Join PPLS’s Professor Michela Massimi as she hosts a panel of CERN physicists to discuss the search for supersymmetry.  Supersymmetry is a hypothetical symmetry of space and time that could fill in a lot of the gaps in physics we are seeking to understand. This is a hot topic in contemporary physics, so it’s sure to be a good one.

The Hunt for Supersymmetric particles