Oxford University Press lists lecturer's paper in Best of Philosophy roundup

Martin Smith is the author of a paper featured in OUP's list of best philosophy papers of 2018

Congratulations to philosophy lecturer Dr Martin Smith, who has written a paper included in 'Best of 2018', listing OUP's most popular philosophy articles of the year. 

Best of 2018 | Philosophy from Oxford University Press

Martin is a lecturer in Philosophy here at the School of PPLS. Martin specialises in Epistemology, the theory of knowledge, and is interested in the connections between normalcy, probability, justified belief and legal proof.

Dr Martin Smith

Statistical evidence in the law

The paper examines courts' reluctance in using statistical evidence for convictions in instances where it is possible to meet the standards of proof respected in the principles of law.

Martin notes that our unwillingness to base beliefs on statistical evidence goes far beyond the courtroom and challenges many of the principles of how we ought to manage our beliefs, as put forward by philosophers in Epistemology.

Mind article – When Does Evidence Suffice for Conviction?