New appointments in Philosophy

Eight new permanent faculty members have been appointed this academic year (2019/2020)

We are delighted to welcome our new permanent staff members:

  • Dr Damian Calouri
  • Dr Jonny Cottrell
  • Professor Tommy J Curry
  • Dr Filipa Melo Lopes
  • Dr Jo Wolff
  • Professor Shannon Vallor
  • Professor Michael Cholbi
  • Professor Michael Gill

History of philosophy appointments

Damian Caluori (Senior Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy)

Previously at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, Damian specialises in Ancient Greek philosophy, especially Plotinus.

Damian Calouri

Jonny Cottrell (Lecturer in History of Philosophy)

Jonny comes to Edinburgh from Wayne State University and specialises in the philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment with a particular emphasis on Hume.

Jonny Cottrell

Social and political philosophy appointments

Social and political philosophy appointments

Tommy J Curry (Professor of Africana Philosophy and Black Male Studies)

Tommy comes to Edinburgh from Texas A&M and specialises in philosophy of race and gender, critical race theory, Black Male Studies and Africana philosophy.

Tommy J Curry

Filipa Melo Lopes (Lecturer in Social and Political Philosophy)

Filipa comes to Edinburgh from the University of Michigan, where she has recently finished her PhD. She specialises in social and political philosophy and feminism.

Filipa Melo Lopes

Philosophy of science appointment

Jo Wolff (Senior Lecturer in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science)

Jo comes to Edinburgh from King’s College London and specialises in metaphysics and the philosophy of science.

Jo Wolff

Ethics appointments

We have made three further appointments to start later this academic year:

Shannon Vallor (Baillie Gifford Chair in the Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence)

Shannon will be joining the Edinburgh Futures Institute and comes to Edinburgh from Santa Clara University in California. She specialises in understanding the impact of emerging technology on human character.

Ethics of data and AI are focus of appointment

Michael Cholbi (Professor of Philosophy)

Michael comes to Edinburgh from Cal State Pomona, and specialises in ethics, especially suicide, grief, punishment, Kantian ethics, paternalism, work and labour and moral psychology.

Michael Gill (Professor of Philosophy)

Coming from the University of Arizona, Michael specialises in the history of ethics, contemporary ethical theory and medical ethics.