Edinburgh speaker series seminar

Speaker: Rikke Friis Bentzon

Title: Families and fairness: against abolishment theories

Abstract: This article analyses and ultimately rejects abolitionist arguments against ‘the family’: I argue that arguments primarily based on fairness considerations and worries about inequality fail, both when claiming that the best way to provide an equal society is to abolish the family and that the partiality we feel towards our family members is morally problematic. While I accept the grounds for family abolition, I argue that abolition does not necessarily follow from the arguments. Rather, I argue that there are other possible conclusions from the abolitionists’ critique. While endorsing the abolitionists’ viewpoint I show that there exist better defensible conclusions than family abolition on egalitarian grounds, i.e., sufficientarianism.

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Mahrad Almotahari

Dec 07 2022 -

Edinburgh speaker series seminar

2022-12-07: Families and fairness: against abolishment theories

Room G.02, 50 George Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9LH