Visiting speaker seminar

Speaker: Richard Yetter Chappell (York)

Title: Willpower Satisficing

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Abstract: Satisficing Consequentialism is often rejected as hopeless. Perhaps its greatest problem is that it risks condoning the gratuitous prevention of goodness above the baseline of what qualifies as "good enough". I propose a radical new willpower-based version of the view that avoids this problem, and that better fits with the motivation of avoiding an excessively demanding conception of morality. I further demonstrate how, by drawing on the resources of an independent theory of blameworthiness, we may obtain a principled specification of what counts as "good enough".

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Dr Patrick Todd

Feb 03 2017 -

Visiting speaker seminar

03 Feb 2017: Richard Yetter Chappell (York)

Room 3.11, Dugald Stewart Building, 3 Charles Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AD